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Got a Rotating Shutter Release?

How to tighten a Lolumina button on a rotating shutter release. When we set out to design a universal interchangeable soft-release button, the challenge was how to take into consideration all the different shapes and types of shutter releases. As far as shapes goes, we designed a flat and a concave mount to accommodate most […]

Roses are Red, and Lolumina Buttons are Now Blue

Lolumina Soft-release Buttons

Introducing Sapphire Blue We are proud to introduce the newest color in the Lolumina soft-release button lineup: sapphire blue. Inspired by the color of the Pacific Ocean, the new button color adds the missing element of water to the collection. The sapphire blue color is available for all buttons, including the Mini, Regular, and the […]

Where Have We Been?


What we have been up to Few of you may know that Lolumina was started out as a side project by a sole enthusiast with the goal of sharing this solution with other fellow photography enthusiasts. As the popularity and demand for the product grew, the ability to keep up with all the orders and […]

Knurled Edge + Concave Surface = KN-CCV

Hello KN-CCV

What is the KN-CCV? We are proud to introduce you to the newest member of the Lolumina soft-release button family, the KN-CCV. What sets it apart from the other buttons in the range is the concave surface, for users who prefer that shape for its inviting feel. With a diameter of 13mm, the KN-CCV presents […]

Introducing the New Mini Mk.II

Hello Mini Mk.II

What’s new? When designing the new Mini Mk.II we wanted to address some of the concerns of users. First off, we wanted to redesign the bottom opening where the button, mount, and O-ring meet. So we created a new inset that allows for more surface area friction, which provides for a more secure attachment for […]

Where are the Buttons?

Where's the buttons?

What’s going on? The number one question on everyone’s mind is where are the buttons? First of all we would like to apologize for the delay in getting products in stock for our customers. We know we have been sold-out of our Mini line of products for a while now. One of the reasons for […]

Who Wants Cheaper Shipping?

Ready to go

We understand that shipping costs is one of the main sticking points to online shopping. That’s why today we would like to introduce you to our new shipping rates. We have recently installed a new shipping calculation module that will allow us to discount the shipping costs based on the number of items you order. […]

Earn From Your Love of Photography


We would like to announce the launch of the Lo-Link Affiliate Program. What our program enables you to do is to earn commissions based on the traffic that you send our way. We have various levels of participation. So, if you have a few friends that you want to share Lolumina with, or you have […]

You Spoke and we Listened

Here comes the Mini's

It is with great pleasure to announce the release of the Lolumina Mini. It has been a long time coming to finally get this product in stock and ready to ship for our customers. The design features a 10mm diameter button that is more appropriate for the smaller cameras in the marketplace or for those […]

To Mount or Not to Mount?

To mount or not to mount?

We understand that sometimes things we envision don’t meet our needs. That’s why we have a devised a way to safely remove the Lolumina soft-release button without damaging your camera. This also helps remove the decision whether or not to attach the mount in the first place. Because we know the idea of permanently attaching […]