How to Remove

Please follow the instructions below to safely remove your Lolumina soft-release. Do not force the button off, doing so could damage your camera. Download PDF

Step 1.

Get some “Glide” brand or other very thin dental floss. The type of floss is important because you want it to be able to slide between the mount and adhesive disc. If it is too thick then this will be difficult.

Step 2.

Get a roughly 18″ long piece of dental floss and secure ends around index fingers.

Step 3.

Hold camera steady on lap in-between legs.

Step 4.

Slowly and gently floss between the adhesive disc and the bottom of the SS mounting base. Do not use too a lot of force, and double-check that the placement of the floss is the same in the image. If the adhesive is very sticky, apply a light coating of dish soap on the floss thread to ease in separation.

Step 5.

Continue to floss and wiggle the button to see if it is safe to peel and remove the button. There should be no force required to peel the mount when it is safe to remove.

Step 6.

Once the mount is removed, slowly peel the adhesive disc away at an angle of 90º or less while holding the clear part of the shutter release button. The adhesive should not leave any residue.

You have safely removed the Lolumina Soft-release Button

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How to Remove

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  1. I remain very, very skeptical. I have too much invested in my Canon 5d Mark IV body (nearly $3,000 for the body) to risk damaging it. I’ll wait until there’s been more experience and posted impartial reviews.

    Also, since your installed threaded-on button protrudes away, leaving a very pronounced space from the camera body, it seems to be just a matter of time until something catches on it and does serious damage to the camera. Again, I’ll wait to hear the impartial experience of others.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

    PS: You DO NOT have permission to disclose my email address to anyone else.

    Ron July 6, 2019 at 05:35 #
  2. Which button do you recommend for the Pentax Q system?

    tabjohnson December 23, 2016 at 13:41 #

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