To Mount or Not to Mount?

To mount or not to mount?

To mount or not to mount?

We understand that sometimes things we envision don’t meet our needs. That’s why we have a devised a way to safely remove the Lolumina soft-release button without damaging your camera. This also helps remove the decision whether or not to attach the mount in the first place. Because we know the idea of permanently attaching something to your camera is a lot like getting a tattoo. What if I don’t like the the way it looks? What if I want to sell my camera down the road? Plus many more other reasons to stop you from trying out a soft-release. But now with the ability to safely remove the mounting base plus our 60-day return policy, you are free to try out something different.

We originally decided on the adhesive based on the premise that our users would want something that would not come off and get lost. But the sound of something that strong is a little imposing, especially for something that you need to attach on your camera and use to see if it works out. The good thing about the adhesive on the Lolumina soft-release is that the holding ability is strong along certain lines of force and weak on others. The type of force that holds strong is the one the button will encounter during usage. Should you decide that it isn’t for you, the adhesive does not resist against peeling or leaves a residue. But to peel it requires specific instructions, and is available here.

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