Introducing the New Mini Mk.II

Hello Mini Mk.II

Hello Mini Mk.II

What’s new?

When designing the new Mini Mk.II we wanted to address some of the concerns of users. First off, we wanted to redesign the bottom opening where the button, mount, and O-ring meet. So we created a new inset that allows for more surface area friction, which provides for a more secure attachment for the button to the mount.

New bottom O-ring inset

New bottom O-ring inset

Another aspect we wanted to address is lowering the edge overhang height of the buttons. This helps create a lower profile for the edge, for a more streamlined experience. Also as a consequence, the thicker edge provides for better grip when tightening the button.

Lower edge height

Lower edge overhang height

We hope that this new Mini Mk.II model will help make installing and using a Lolumina soft-release button a more pleasurable experience.


The Mini Mk.II will be available immediately as button-only kits in the online store, these are perfect for all of our previous users who would like to get the newest versions. To help encourage that, we are offering a discount of 25% for all our previous users on button-only kits. Previous customers, please use discount code UPGRADE25 through the month of March when checking out.

For everyone else, the complete kit versions will be available next week by March 20. This includes the brand new Mini Mk.II and KN-CCV complete kit models. We are excited to finally have these new soft-release buttons released to our users, and we hope that it helps provide a better experience and feel when capturing the moment. Because ultimately our goal is to design and produce the best interchangeable soft-release buttons for our users that we possibly can.

Introducing the New Mini Mk.II

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  1. Hi I ordered the mini kit a little while ago but just received it yesterday but I noticed that you just began selling these Mk 2 ones is it possible for me to exchange my Mk 1 kit for a Mk 2 one? This was not available to me at the time of purchase. Thank you and I love your product!

    John Zhang March 26, 2015 at 14:17 #

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