Lolumina Soft-Release

What makes a Lolumina soft-release special?

For Non-Threaded Shutter Release Cameras

Specially designed soft-release shutter button for cameras that don't have a threaded shutter release.

Easier Shutter Release

Taking steady shots is greatly enhanced with the larger surface area for the shutter release. This helps in low-light situations and other times when the decisive moment presents itself.

Interchangeable Design

To match your preferences and suit your tastes, you can easily change the button. We have various colors with more on the way. In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out new versions in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs.

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See how the buttons are designed and more of the benefits here.
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What our users think of Lolumina

Everything I’ve experienced from Lolumina convinces me that it’s a quality product from a committed vendor. If you’re even slightly interested in the product, give it a try, I spend more for a lunch sandwich than this obviously well thought out accessory.

Thought I’d take a minute to tell you thank you for making this available. Being able to attach a soft release was one of the things I really missed when I got my new camera.

I find Lolumina an enhancement to take photos.

I’ve had mine for a week or so, I think it’s great.

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How to tighten a Lolumina button on a rotating shutter release. When we set out to design a universal interchangeable soft-release button, the challenge was how to take into consideration all the different shapes and types of shutter releases. As far as shapes goes, we designed a flat and a concave mount to accommodate most […]

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