No threaded shutter-release? No problem.

Imagine the ability to experience the benefits of a soft-release button on your non-threaded shutter release camera.


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Your eye. The moment. Your hand.

The essence of photography.


Tactility Redefined

So small. Yet such a big help.


Mounting Base

Starts with a strong foundation


T304 SS

The mounting base is constructed out of T304 Stainless steel, which is strong and impervious to the elements. This is the same steel used in high-end cookware and performance car exhausts. So if it can stand up to these conditions it will do fine on your camera.


Different curvature mounting bases

Flat, curved, or in between. Our mounting base has you covered. Two different mounting bases to accommodate different shutter-release buttons shapes.

Strong 3M VHB adhesive

To secure the mounting base to your camera, we use a high-strength industrial adhesive to accommodate the range of shutter-release surface materials.

Soft-Release Button

Only thing soft is the name.

Strong materials

We start off with a solid rod of aerospace grade 6000 series aluminum. Then we CNC machine it down to the final size and finish the surface with a strong anodization process in various beautiful colors.



To each it’s own. Some days bold, others discreet. Your choice in how you want your camera is entirely up to you.


Low profile design

Feel the intimate and tight bond between you and your camera, finger and shutter-release button. We designed the button to have the optimal amount of curvature so it feels smooth and to the fingertip and unobtrusive under the first knuckle if used with the trigger-technique.



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Check out all the different color options of the Lolumina Soft-release button. It comes as either a Complete-kit, which includes the mounting base, or simply the Button-Only if you have a base already.
All backed by a 60-day return policy.

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