Earn From Your Love of Photography


Love of Photography + Lolumina = Earnings

We would like to announce the launch of the Lo-Link Affiliate Program. What our program enables you to do is to earn commissions based on the traffic that you send our way. We have various levels of participation. So, if you have a few friends that you want to share Lolumina with, or you have a blog with a solid readership base, we got you covered. You can either simply share your unique link on social media, or place banners on your site. It’s easy to join and we have an account dashboard to monitor all of your traffic and activity.

For all the blogs and social influencers out there, we thought of you when designing the Lo-Link Affiliate Program. We understand that it takes a commitment to create content and manage a site or social accounts. So for those of you who pour your time and energy into creating and sharing content for others we want to reward you. We do so by offering a really generous commission of 20% of each sale, along with 5% of the sales of other Lo-Link Program members who joined because of you though tier-commissions. What that means is, let’s say someone clicks on your link and then becomes a Lo-Link Program member, when they generate sales, you will earn a percentage of those sales. Keep in mind that their commissions is not reduced in anyway, the only party who earns less is us.

Unlike other affiliate programs, we also have a large window of opportunity for you to earn. You will be entitled to commissions on sales from the traffic you bring for a period of 90-days. What this means is that individuals who click on your link do not need to purchase anything immediately, but when they do, you will credited with the sale, or any other sales within the 90-day window.

We are very excited to open the Lo-Link Affiliate Program to the public and are looking forward to building relationships with our members. Learn more >

Earn From Your Love of Photography

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  1. Hi I ordered the button for xt1 very happy thank you

    Viktor January 20, 2015 at 00:23 #
    • Viktor, thanks we are glad you are happy.

      Lolumina January 21, 2015 at 17:01 #

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