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When we set out to design a universal interchangeable soft-release button, the challenge was how to take into consideration all the different shapes and types of shutter releases. As far as shapes goes, we designed a flat and a concave mount to accommodate most of all the possible shapes out there. The difficulty lies in how different shutter releases are made. Some are rotationally fixed, and thus tightening the Lolumina buttons are a non-issue. But some are free to rotate within the camera, which makes tightening the Lolumina buttons a challenge.

If you have a camera with a shutter release that freely rotates then the tips below will help you out.
1. Attach the stainless-steel mount to your camera like normal.
2. Attempt to screw the Lolumina button as much as you can onto the mount.
3. Find a flat, blunt object. Our best recommendation is a butter knife or similar. Please don’t use a sharp object, because we would hate for you to hurt yourself.
4. Press against the rubber O-ring on the mount with the butter knife, doing so will prevent it from rotating.
5. While still pressing with the butter-knife, tighten the Lolumina button accordingly so it is nice and secure.

If you have either type of shutter release, rotating or fixed, please tighten the button periodically to make sure it won’t get lost. Because friction, rubbing, and general usage could cause the button to loosen over time.

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