Roses are Red, and Lolumina Buttons are Now Blue

Lolumina Soft-release Buttons

All models now in Sapphire Blue

Introducing Sapphire Blue

We are proud to introduce the newest color in the Lolumina soft-release button lineup: sapphire blue. Inspired by the color of the Pacific Ocean, the new button color adds the missing element of water to the collection. The sapphire blue color is available for all buttons, including the Mini, Regular, and the Concave.


Concave buttons available in all the colors

Concave Buttons in All Colors

Not to be outdone by the new sapphire blue buttons, we are also releasing the knurled concave buttons in all of the wonderful spectrum of colors that the other buttons have enjoyed. Previously only sold in stealth black and bullseye red, the knurled concave are now available in Gold, Green, and Silver.

The new color additions to the Lolumina lineup furthers our commitment to providing you, our customer, with the most choices and options for your shooting needs. Stay tuned as we continue to work further on new releases and additions.

Team Lolumina

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Roses are Red, and Lolumina Buttons are Now Blue

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  1. Good introduction of the new color. Reminds me of the Mediterranean water/sky blue. This blue is really unforgettable.
    Thanks for offering.

    Henry March 9, 2016 at 19:04 #
    • I can already tell that’s gonna be super helpful.

      http://www./ February 28, 2017 at 14:56 #

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